Code available on GitHub
Visualization code for the HumanSC3Dand FlickrSC3D datasets using the GHUM and SMPLX body models:
  • switch the pose parameters from world to camera
  • pose the meshes
  • render them in the image
  • visualize contact signatures
jupyter notebook imar_vision_datasets_tools/notebooks/visualize_lab_dataset.ipynb
jupyter notebook imar_vision_datasets_tools/notebooks/visualize_flickr.ipynb
Evaluation code:
  • template submission files
  • format checking of submissions
  • visualization of one's own prediction
  • evaluation metrics
jupyter notebook imar_vision_datasets_tools/notebooks/validate_prediction_format.ipynb
jupyter notebook imar_vision_datasets_tools/notebooks/visualize_prediction.ipynb
jupyter notebook imar_vision_datasets_tools/notebooks/eval_predictions.ipynb